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Premium Hybrid Supercapacitors: An Aqueous Zn‐Ion Hybrid Supercapacitor with High Energy Density and Ultrastability up to 80 000 Cycles (Adv. Energy Mater. 47/2019)
Wu Shuilin,
Chen Yatu,
Jiao Tianpeng,
Zhou Jun,
Cheng Junye,
Liu Bin,
Yang Shaoran,
Zhang Kaili,
Zhang Wenjun
Publication year2019
Publication title
advanced energy materials
Resource typeJournals
In article number 1902915, Kaili Zhang, Wenjun Zhang and co‐workers investigate the impacts of anions and concentrations of a variety of Zn‐containing aqueous solutions on Zn stripping/plating efficiency. It is demonstrated that dendrite growth and byproduct formation can be suppressed during Zn plating, and the competitive hydrogen evolution reaction is restrained by using a 3 m Zn(CF 3 SO 3 ) 2 electrolyte. As a result, a high Zn stripping/plating efficiency is achieved. Furthermore, based on this electrolyte, a novel hybrid supercapacitor comprising Zn foil and porous carbon derived from chemically activated graphene is developed which delivers high energy density and an ultra‐long lifespan.
Subject(s)aqueous solution , chemical engineering , chemistry , composite material , electrochemistry , electrode , electrolyte , engineering , foil method , geology , geophysics , inorganic chemistry , materials science , organic chemistry , plating (geology) , stripping (fiber) , supercapacitor
SCImago Journal Rank10.08

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