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Premium Auto‐Tandem Catalysis: Synthesis of Substituted 11 H ‐Indolo[3,2‐ c ]quinolines via Palladium‐Catalyzed Intermolecular CN and Intramolecular CC Bond Formation
Meyers Caroline,
Rombouts Geert,
Loones Kristof T. J.,
Coelho Alberto,
Maes Bert U. W.
Publication year2008
Publication title
advanced synthesis and catalysis
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWILEY‐VCH Verlag
Abstract D ‐Ring substituted 11 H ‐indolo[3,2‐ c ]quinolines ( 4 ) have been prepared via auto‐tandem consecutive intermolecular Buchwald‐Hartwig reaction and intramolecular palladium‐catalyzed arylation on 4‐chloroquinoline ( 1 ) with N ‐unsubstituted 2‐chloroanilines ( 2 ). The reported 11 H ‐indolo[3,2‐ c ]quinolines ( 4 ) represent the first examples in which tandem catalysis has been used to construct N ‐unsubstituted carbolines.
Subject(s)cascade reaction , catalysis , chemistry , combinatorial chemistry , composite material , intermolecular force , intramolecular force , materials science , medicinal chemistry , molecule , organic chemistry , palladium , ring (chemistry) , stereochemistry , tandem
SCImago Journal Rank1.541

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