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Premium Flexible Porous Bismuth Telluride Thin Films with Enhanced Figure of Merit using Micro‐Phase Separation of Block Copolymer
Kato Kunihisa,
Hatasako Yoshika,
Uchino Michitaka,
Nakata Yasukazu,
Suzuki Yoshinori,
Hayakawa Teruaki,
Adachi Chihaya,
Miyazaki Koji
Publication year2014
Publication title
advanced materials interfaces
Resource typeJournals
Flexible porous bismuth telluride thin films are prepared using micro‐phase separated block‐copolymer porous films. The thermal conductivities of the thus‐fabricated porous p‐type (Bi 0.4 Te 3.0 Sb 1.6 ) and n‐type (Bi 2.0 Te 2.7 Se 0.3 ) thin films are extremely lower than those of their bulk counterparts owing to strong phonon scattering. The figure of merit ZT of porous p‐, n‐ bismuth telluride thin films is estimated to be 1.34 and 1.47.
Subject(s)bismuth , bismuth telluride , chemical engineering , chemistry , composite material , copolymer , engineering , figure of merit , materials science , metallurgy , nanotechnology , optoelectronics , organic chemistry , phase (matter) , polymer , porosity , porous medium , telluride , thermal conductivity , thermoelectric materials , thin film
SCImago Journal Rank1.671

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