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Premium Low Noise, IR‐Blind Organohalide Perovskite Photodiodes for Visible Light Detection and Imaging
Lin Qianqian,
Armin Ardalan,
Lyons Dani M.,
Burn Paul L.,
Meredith Paul
Publication year2015
Publication title
advanced materials
Resource typeJournals
Solution‐processed organohalide perov­skite photodiodes that have performance metrics matching silicon, but are infrared‐blind are reported. The perovskite photodiodes operate in the visible band, have low dark current and noise, high specific detectivity, large linear dynamic range, and fast temporal response. Their properties make them promising candidates for imaging applications.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , chemistry , computer science , crystallography , dark current , dynamic range , image (mathematics) , infrared , materials science , near infrared spectroscopy , noise (video) , optics , optoelectronics , perovskite (structure) , photodetector , photodiode , physics , silicon , visible spectrum
SCImago Journal Rank10.707

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