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Premium Evaluating CAR‐T Cell Therapy in a Hypoxic 3D Tumor Model
Ando Yuta,
Siegler Elizabeth L.,
Ta Hoang P.,
Cinay Gunce E.,
Zhou Hao,
Gorrell Kimberly A.,
Au Hannah,
Jarvis Bethany M.,
Wang Pin,
Shen Keyue
Publication year2019
Publication title
advanced healthcare materials
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Despite its revolutionary success in hematological malignancies, chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR‐T) cell therapy faces disappointing clinical results in solid tumors. The poor efficacy has been partially attributed to the lack of understanding in how CAR‐T cells function in a solid tumor microenvironment. Hypoxia plays a critical role in cancer progression and immune editing, which potentially results in solid tumors escaping immunosurveillance and CAR‐T cell‐mediated cytotoxicity. Mechanistic studies of CAR‐T cell biology in a physiological environment has been limited by the complexity of tumor‐immune interactions in clinical and animal models, as well as by a lack of reliable in vitro models. A microdevice platform that recapitulates a 3D tumor section with a gradient of oxygen and integrates fluidic channels surrounding the tumor for CAR‐T cell delivery is engineered. The design allows for the evaluation of CAR‐T cell cytotoxicity and infiltration in the heterogeneous oxygen landscape of in vivo solid tumors at a previously unachievable scale in vitro.
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , cancer research , cell , cell therapy , chimeric antigen receptor , cytotoxicity , genetics , immune system , immunology , immunosurveillance , immunotherapy , in vitro , in vivo , microbiology and biotechnology , tumor microenvironment
SCImago Journal Rank2.288

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