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Premium Cell Guidance on Nanostructured Metal Based Surfaces
Zhukova Yulia,
Skorb Ekaterina V.
Publication year2017
Publication title
advanced healthcare materials
Resource typeJournals
Metal surface nanostructuring to guide cell behavior is an attractive strategy to improve parts of medical implants, lab‐on‐a‐chip, soft robotics, self‐assembled microdevices, and bionic devices. Here, we discus important parameters, relevant trends, and specific examples of metal surface nanostructuring to guide cell behavior on metal‐based hybrid surfaces. Surface nanostructuring allows precise control of cell morphology, adhesion, internal organization, and function. Pre‐organized metal nanostructuring and dynamic stimuli‐responsive surfaces are used to study various cell behaviors. For cells dynamics control, the oscillating stimuli‐responsive layer‐by‐layer (LbL) polyelectrolyte assemblies are discussed to control drug delivery, coating thickness, and stiffness. LbL films can be switched “on demand” to change their thickness, stiffness, and permeability in the dynamic real‐time processes. Potential applications of metal‐based hybrids in biotechnology and selected examples are discussed.
Subject(s)adhesion , artificial intelligence , biomimetics , cell adhesion , coating , composite material , computer science , materials science , nanotechnology , polyelectrolyte , polymer , robot , soft robotics , stiffness
SCImago Journal Rank2.288

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