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Premium High‐Density Polymer Microarrays: Identifying Synthetic Polymers that Control Human Embryonic Stem Cell Growth
Hansen Anne,
Mjoseng Heidi K.,
Zhang Rong,
Kalloudis Michail,
Koutsos Vasileios,
de Sousa Paul A.,
Bradley Mark
Publication year2014
Publication title
advanced healthcare materials
Resource typeJournals
The fabrication of high‐density polymer microarray is described, allowing the simultaneous and efficient evaluation of more than 7000 different polymers in a single‐cellular‐based screen. These high‐density polymer arrays are applied in the search for synthetic substrates for hESCs culture. Up‐scaling of the identified hit polymers enables long‐term cellular cultivation and promoted successful stem‐cell maintenance.
Subject(s)alternative medicine , biochemistry , biology , composite material , embryonic stem cell , fabrication , gene , gene expression , materials science , medicine , microarray , microbiology and biotechnology , nanotechnology , pathology , polymer , stem cell
SCImago Journal Rank2.288

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