ULBP 1 is induced by hepatitis C virus infection and is the target of the NK cell‐mediated innate immune response in human hepatocytes
Dansako Hiromichi,
Imai Hirotaka,
Ueda Youki,
Satoh Shinya,
Wakita Takaji,
Kato Nobuyuki
Publication year2018
Publication title
febs open bio
Resource typeJournals
Natural killer ( NK ) cells through their NK group 2 member D ( NKG 2D) receptors recognize NKG 2D ligands such as UL 16‐binding proteins ( ULBP s) on virus‐infected cells and subsequently trigger the host innate immune response. In the present study, we demonstrated that hepatitis C virus ( HCV ) induced the cell surface expression of ULBP 1 in human immortalized hepatocyte PH 5 CH 8 cells and human hepatoma HuH‐7 cell‐derived RS c cells. Interestingly, NK cell line NK ‐92 induced cytotoxicity and interferon‐γ mRNA expression and subsequently reduced the levels of HCV RNA replication during co‐culture with HCV ‐infected RS c cells. From these results, we conclude that ULBP 1 is a target of the NK cell‐mediated innate immune response in HCV ‐infected human hepatocytes.
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , cell , cytotoxicity , genetics , hepatitis c virus , immune system , immunology , in vitro , innate immune system , interferon , interleukin 21 , janus kinase 3 , lymphokine activated killer cell , natural killer cell , nkg2d , t cell , virology , virus
Keyword(s) HCV RNA replication , hepatitis C virus , innate immune response , NK cell , ULBP 1
SCImago Journal Rank0.718

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