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Premium Preparation and Properties of Organic Radical Compounds with Mesogenic Cores
Nakatsuji Shin'ichi,
Mizumoto Masako,
Ikemoto Hiroshi,
Akutsu Hiroki,
Yamada Junichi
Publication year2002
Publication title
european journal of organic chemistry
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH
Abstract Several organic spin systems based on 4‐( N ‐alkyl)amino‐TEMPO (TEMPO = 2,2,6,6‐tetramethylpiperidinyl‐1‐oxy) radicals were prepared in which cholesterol or biphenyl mesogenic cores with long alkyl or alkoxy substituents were incorporated in order to investigate the possible occurrence of liquid crystalline properties. Of these radicals a lamellar structure was found in a biphenyl derivative with the 4‐( N ‐methyl)amino‐TEMPO‐substituent 13 ; this compound showed mesogenic properties. The local antiferromagnetic spin interactions based on a singlet‐triplet model observed during the heating process in the radical were found to turn to a Curie−Weiss behavior after the thermal transition during the cooling process. (© Wiley‐VCH Verlag GmbH, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2002)
Subject(s)alkoxy group , alkyl , antiferromagnetism , biphenyl , chemistry , condensed matter physics , crystallography , excited state , lamellar structure , liquid crystal , liquid crystalline , mesogen , nuclear physics , optics , organic chemistry , photochemistry , physics , polymer , radical , singlet state , substituent
SCImago Journal Rank0.825

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