Premium Person × situation interactions in body dissatisfaction
Tiggemann Marika
Publication year2001
Publication title
international journal of eating disorders
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Objective The aim of the study was to investigate the interaction between personal and situational variables in the determination of body satisfaction. Method Participants were asked to imagine themselves in each of four hypothetical scenarios while completing measures of body image. Results A main effect for situation was found on both global body dissatisfaction and body esteem, whereby participants rated themselves as more dissatisfied in the body‐focused situations (Beach, Dressing room) than in the non–body‐focused situations (Refectory, Home). In addition, there was a main effect of self‐esteem. Of more interest, there were also significant Situation × Body Mass Index (BMI), Situation × Dietary Restraint, and Situation × BMI × Social Comparison interactions. Discussion This study has demonstrated situational effects, person effects, and Person × Situation interactions within the one framework. As such, it contributes to an increasingly complex and dynamic view of body image. © 2000 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Int J East Disord 29: 65–70, 2001.
Subject(s)body mass index , developmental psychology , lower body , medicine , pathology , physical medicine and rehabilitation , psychology , situational ethics , social psychology
SCImago Journal Rank1.785

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