Premium Cognitive deficits in schizophrenia on the WAIS‐R NI sentence arrangement subtest
Gard Diane,
Harrell Ernest H.,
Poreh Amir
Publication year1999
Publication title
journal of clinical psychology
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Performance of participants diagnosed with schizophrenia on the Sentence Arrangement subtest of the WAIS‐R NI and several tests sensitive to frontal lobe dysfunction was significantly poorer than that of manic depressive or control participants. Several measures of performance of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia on the WAIS‐R NI Sentence Arrangement subtest appeared to support recent interpretations of the cognitive deficit seen in schizophrenia. These data represent the first demonstration of deficit performance by patients with schizophrenia on the Sentence Arrangement subtest. This is also supportive of the prediction that one of the areas whose activity may influence scores on this subtest is the prefrontal cortex. In addition, neither positive nor negative symptoms systematically correlated with the cognitive deficits reported despite specific predictions from the current literature. © 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. J Clin Psychol 55: 1085–1094, 1999.
Subject(s)audiology , clinical psychology , cognition , cognitive deficit , cognitive impairment , developmental psychology , frontal lobe , linguistics , medicine , philosophy , psychiatry , psychology , schizophrenia (object oriented programming) , sentence , wechsler adult intelligence scale
SCImago Journal Rank1.124

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