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Premium Electrospray mass spectrometry and UV/visible spectrophotometry studies of aluminum(III)–flavonoid complexes
Deng Haiteng,
Van Berkel Gary J.
Publication year1998
Publication title
journal of mass spectrometry
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract Aluminum(III) complexes formed by the isoflavonebiochanin‐A and the flavones kaempeferol and quercetin inCH 3 OH, CH 3 CN, i ‐C 3 H 7 OH, and the mixed solventsCH 3 CN/CH 3 OH (1/1 v/v),CH 3 CN/H 2 O (1/1 v/v)CH 3 CN/CH 2 Cl 2 (1/1v/v) andCH 3 CN/ i ‐C 3 H 7 OH(1/1 v/v), were investigated by means ofelectrospray mass spectrometry (ES‐MS) andUV/visible absorbance spectrophotometry. Electrospray mass spectraof solutions that were indicated by their UV/visible spectra tohave formed an Al‐flavonoid complex displayedsingly‐charged ions corresponding in m / z tothe 1:2, dimeric complex, viz.,[AlL 2 ] + ,L=(flavonoid‐H + ) ‐ .Lesser abundant singly‐charged ions corresponding in m / z to[AlR(L)] + , whereR=H ‐ , HO ‐ orCH 3 O ‐ were also sometimes observed.Formation of the 1:2 complex was favored in CH 3 OH relativeto all other solvent systems investigated. The relative amounts ofcomplexed and free flavonoid in solution, as estimated by theappearance of the UV/visible spectra, correlated well with theabundance ratio of the 1:2, Al‐flavonoid dimer to theprotonated flavonoid (indicative of free flavonoid) observedin the ES mass spectrum of the same solution. © 1998 John Wiley& Sons, Ltd.
Subject(s)absorbance , analytical chemistry (journal) , antioxidant , chemistry , chromatography , electrospray , flavones , flavonoid , ion , mass spectrometry , mass spectrum , nuclear chemistry , organic chemistry , protonation , quercetin , spectrophotometry , ultraviolet visible spectroscopy
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