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Zendy's Head of Technology, Rodrigo Pinto, presents at F.O.R.M 2023.

calendarDec 1, 2023 |clock2 Mins Read

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 28 November 2023 - Our head of technology, Rodrigo Pinto Mendez, presented his paper titled: "Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to Enhance Open Data Quality: Insights for Developing Regions" at the Forum for Open Research panel that tackled "Open Data and Open Source: Benefits and Case Studies."

The presentation addresses the need for accurate and reliable open data, focusing on developing regions that can accelerate their social and economic progress through data-driven insights. It explores the relationship between big data and machine learning in enhancing the quality of open data while also observing how open data can be extracted, transformed, and unified. The talk also assesses how machine learning can be used to detect anomalies within datasets.

About F.O.R.M. 2023

The 2023 Annual Forum featured panels addressing key themes related to the advancement of Open Science policies and practices in research institutions and communities throughout the Arab world. This 2023 conference theme was: Democratizing Knowledge: The evolution of open science ecosystems and communities in the Arab World. 

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Zendy and IntechOpen's Joint Webinar: Addressing Accessibility, Discoverability and a Sustainable Future.
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Zendy and IntechOpen's Joint Webinar: Addressing Accessibility, Discoverability and a Sustainable Future.

We hosted a joint webinar with IntechOpen in November that addressed emerging technologies across different industries that contribute to sustainability and research accessibility and discovery. The webinar was titled, “Emerging Technologies - Partnering for Accessibility, Discoverability and a Sustainable Future.” The session featured 3 key speakers, Dr. Jo Havemann representing AfricArXiv, Professor Tatiana Morosuk from Technical University of Berlin and Zendy’s Head of Marketing, Monica Chinsami. Each speaker articulated how their organisation works to increase sustainable practices through research dissemination. Zendy’s Head of Marketing, Monica Chinsami highlighted our library’s initiatives to advance the accessibility and discoverability of scholarly literature. In an effort to break geographical barriers in research, Zendy partners with leading publishers to ensure their content reaches regions with limited access via our global subscription. Additionally, Professor Tatiana Morosuk from the Technical University of Berlin placed emphasis on the transionary period the energy sector is experiencing as it moves away from fossil fuel and towards technology focused on sustainability. The professor stated the importance of innovation to advance sustainable practices and energy use. Finally, Dr. Jo Havemann stated how AfricArXiv is on a mission to make African research more discoverable as this is in line with SDG 4 (Quality Education), the organisation announced their collaboration with Ubuntunet which is a network provider that assists with connectivity and infrastructure for research and education institutions. Advancing research dissemination catalyses SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities). As equitable research platforms emerge and partner to expand their reach, the more academic research is democratised to create knowledgable societies. We look forward to hosting more webinars in 2024, to tackle and highlight the initiatives in the world of academia. Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.

Zendy Launches ZAIA, a Domain-Specific AI Assistant
Dec 15, 20234 Mins ReadNews

Zendy Launches ZAIA, a Domain-Specific AI Assistant

United Arab Emirates, 15 December 2023 - AI-powered research library, Zendy, announced the launch of its AI Assistant, ZAIA, a domain-specific Large Language Model (LMM) developed by Zendy’s data science team. ZAIA (short for Zendy AI Assistant) exists to help researchers quickly understand key research concepts and discover research papers that specifically link to inputs. These two functions enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the literature review process. You can ask any research-related question, and ZAIA will analyse millions of academic research papers to give you credible answers backed by references. Unlike general-purpose language models, ZAIA is trained with Zendy’s own data. In the future, it can also query, in real-time, additional sources from publisher data that are not available on the public domain. There is growing recognition of the necessity for domain-specific solutions to strengthen the credibility of data. Fine tuning models on domain-specific data narrows down the LLM’s focus to improve performance in a defined context, thus reducing the likelihood of hallucinations. “We developed ZAIA to advance the usage of AI on research platforms and improve the research discovery process for researchers. ZAIA aims to assist readers on Zendy by quickly solving research-related questions. ZAIA stands out from other AI products as it is fed real-time data and information available on Zendy, which is then fine-tuned to efficiently cater to our users,” said Zendy’s Head of Technology, Rodrigo Pinto. “The first iteration of our LLM, ZAIA, is our unique AI offering for Zendy users who can now leverage the best of AI to improve their research discovery process. This is a very exciting milestone for Zendy and we look forward to the feedback from our valued users,” said Zendy Co-founder Kamran Kardan. Committed to helping foster an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships rooted in responsible AI practices, Zendy’s Large Language Model is built to be entirely customisable. It has the capacity to learn from diverse datasets with integration made simple through Restful API’s or Websocket APIs. “Bigger picture, our technology presents limitless potential for organisations and institutions yet to integrate the power of LLMs into their workflows. The potential is immeasurable, with use cases including on-demand tutoring, psychology support services, employee onboarding, the list goes on,” continued Kamran Kardan. To find out more about Zendy’s AI solutions email You can use ZAIA now on Zendy. To access, log in or sign up to Zendy:

Zendy signs global licensing agreement with Bristol University Press
Aug 14, 20234 Mins ReadNews

Zendy signs global licensing agreement with Bristol University Press

[Dubai, 14 August 2023] – Zendy has signed a global licensing agreement with Bristol University Press, an academic publisher known for its commitment to advancing research and knowledge dissemination. The agreement will allow Zendy users to access academic resources from Bristol University Press across social sciences and aligned disciplines. Bristol University Press has built a reputation for publishing world-class research that addresses pressing global challenges and contributes to the advancement of social sciences. Their dedication to inclusive knowledge aligns seamlessly with Zendy's mission to make quality academic content accessible to individuals, researchers, and students regardless of geographical boundaries. "We are excited to partner with Bristol University Press to offer our users a more diverse selection of research on our platform," said Zendy Co-founder Kamran Kardan. "This collaboration underlines our commitment to connecting researchers, students, and knowledge enthusiasts with top-tier academic content, fostering collaboration and learning on a global scale." This announcement comes as Zendy continues to forge partnerships with prominent academic publishers to expand its content library and cater to diverse user interests. Zendy recently announced a series of new partnerships with IntechOpen, IEEE, IT Governance Publishing, and IGI Global. The partnership with Bristol University Press reinforces Zendy's dedication to nurturing a global academic community and making scholarly resources accessible to all. About Zendy: Zendy is a product of Knowledge E. Since its inception in 2019, Zendy has connected over 200,000 users to academic journals, proceedings, articles, e-books, and more. Zendy is on a mission to make academic literature more affordable and accessible for students, researchers, and professionals worldwide. Zendy was awarded Best Startup – Education at the Middle East Technology Excellence Awards 2022. To learn more, visit About Bristol University Press: Bristol University Press is an academic publisher committed to publishing high-quality research that addresses global challenges and contributes to various disciplines. The press is known for its commitment to open access and the dissemination of knowledge for the betterment of society. To learn more visit,