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Research is the foundation upon which progress and innovation are built, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in various fields. From healthcare to art, government to advertisement, and education, research papers across disciplines offer valuable insights. In this blog, we embark on a multidisciplinary journey, where we delve into five distinct research papers from different areas of study. Each paper provides a unique perspective, addressing critical challenges, uncovering societal issues, or presenting novel approaches to enhance understanding and drive change. 

  1. The Challenges in Child Health Research

This research paper thoroughly recognises the advancements in child healthcare and suggests that child health research stands as a model for developing knowledge in healthcare. However, the quality and quantity of child research are restricted in several ways, making healthcare professionals rely on adult health studies. The study finds that in 5 high-impact journals, adult trials and studies increased by 4.71% per year while child trials increased by 0.4% per year. This paper advocates for pediatric researchers to intensively consider a child’s age and development stage when prescribing medication or treatment. 

Read more here: The Challenges in Child Health Research

  1. Gender-based Portrayal in Global Television Advertisements

This case study conducts a comparative analysis within the sphere of television advertising. Observing the differences in the portrayal of men and women within commercials, the researchers especially took into consideration the primary character’s age, voiceover, products associated, home and work settings and working role. Sampling data from 13 Asian, American and European countries, the study found that gender stereotyping was prevalent globally in television advertisements regardless of the state of gender equality within the respective countries. 

Read more here: Gender-based Portrayal in Global Television Advertisements

  1. Dissecting Multiple Production of Artworks: Authenticity & Gremline Editing

This paper considers the ethical concerns and questions about artwork reproduction and its potential applications to gremline editing. As a starting point, the author references the 1935 Walter Benjamin essay titled; the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. The paper goes on to discuss the concept of the ethical and aesthetic relevance of art pieces with regard to the original artist’s vision. 

Read more here: Dissecting Multiple Production of Artworks: Authenticity & Gremline Editing

  1. Disaster Risk Management

This chapter introduces disaster risk management, stating that the process relies on the institution, policy, and scientific and technological progress. It suggests that increasing disaster risk management capacity is key to improving the utilisation effectiveness of disaster reduction resources, the text also reflects on Ulrich Beck’s risk society theory which is that risk society is a systematic way of dealing with hazards and insecurities induced and introduced by modernisation itself. 

Read more here: Disaster Risk Management

  1. Integration of Photovoice to Build Student’s Confidence in Public Speaking

This case study observes the extent of confidence photovoice is capable of building in students when it comes to public speaking. The indicators focused on within this study are eye contact, enthusiasm improvement, body language, critical thinking and fluency, the study was conducted on 2 students in the second grade of language major. This research utilised 3 key methods of measurement; a rubric of public speaking, classroom observation and student self-reflection. 

Read more here: Integration of Photovoice to Build Student’s Confidence in Public Speaking

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See the Top Reads of December 2023

Behavior Economics This paper highlights how traditional economic models function on the assumption that people behave rationally, which is not always the case. The unification of psychology and economics introduces “prospect theory” which considers how individuals evaluate differently from standard economic theory, the paper also discusses the challenge of replacing rational principles with behavioral alternatives. Read more: Behavioral economics: Reunifying psychology and economics Sociology of Environmental Representation This paper discussed the relationship between environmental representatives and the methods of representation, how these factors contribute to the overall image of the environment. The authors argue that environmental representation goes beyond conversations and awareness and that representatives must lead by example; they propose to understand representation through the context of sociology as a way to learn how environmental politics, management and actions work. Read more: A sociology of environmental representation AI Systems Engineering AI systems engineering develops the new engineering practice in the intersection of systems engineering and artificial intelligence. This paper defines KI engineering while comparing it to historic examples of research disciplines that founded engineering while touching on the long-term challenges where further development is needed. Read more: KI-Engineering – AI Systems Engineering Surgical Site Cytology to Diagnose Spinal Lesions This paper places emphasis on diagnosing specific diseases causing spine lesions as early as possible. The authors propose cytological evaluation alongside regular tissue biopsies to discover these diseases. The study gathered samples from 44 patients from suspected cancerous areas in the spine, these samples were prepared in 2 methods; detailed tissue analysis and microscopic examination for cytological evaluation. Read more: Surgical Site Cytology to Diagnose Spinal Lesions Origamics in Architecture Japanese origami is a valuable tool in developing various engineering and design applications. Origamics is widely applicable as it is currently utilised in mathematics, engineering, biology, manufacturing medical equipment and vehicle parts. This paper discusses the potential of origamics in architectural study as an interface to gain cognitive experience on spatial transformation. Read more: Origamics In Architecture: A Medium Of Inquiry Or Design In Architecture Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.

See the Top Reads of November 2023
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See the Top Reads of November 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, this blog explores November’s insightful top reads featuring research papers from various areas of study such as psychology, political media, law, cancer research and technology within justice systems. The Art of Remembering This article discusses how our memory can be strengthened in this printing and note-making era, through the “loci method”. This method involves constructing visual images of objects and mentally placing them in a familiar space, to recall the memory you would need to simply retrace your steps back to where you mentally placed the item. Learn more here: Psychology: The Art of Remembering Post-mining Policies in The Eastern USA Coal Region This journal article discusses the development of mining laws in the US. Since 1977, mine operators are required to conduct a pre-mining analysis and designate a usage for the land once mining and extraction has concluded. Accepted post-mining use of land are: prime farmland, hay land and pasture, biofuel crops, forestry, wildlife habitat and building site development. This article emphasises that post-mining conditions should provide ecosystem services and lands capable of handling future societal needs. Learn more here: Post-mining policies and practices in the Eastern USA coal region Integrative Approach to Cancer Research This article states that precision oncology has progressed cancer treatment focused on actionable gene mutation, however the majority of cancers don’t have druggable oncogene mutations. The paper proposes that for precision oncology to progress, it has to consider more than just genetics; therefore suggesting researchers should focus on immunotherapy which is a treatment used to help the body’s immune system recognise and attack cancer cells. Furthermore, the paper urges medical professionals to take advantage of research across numerous fields as patient care is not one universal approach. Learn more here: Integrative approaches to cancer research Political Public Relations: Media and Information Management This article argues that information in political PR is disseminated by manipulating the material, which is commonly known as “communication spin”. It explores how governments assign communications specialists to execute these spins since media and information management are the most important aspects of political PR. The paper goes on to assess and analyse various spin techniques used in political PR that governments deem “acceptable.” Learn more here: Political Public Relations − Media and Information Management Algorithms in Swiss Criminal Justice System The Swiss justice system is shaped by algorithms which were implemented due to demands for efficiency and political advancement. This paper calls for a critical evaluation and research-based optimisation of these algorithms as the societal implications and legal foundations on the usage of such technology is loosely considered. Furthermore, the paper suggests that potential racial disparity and decline in user responsibility have been criticised widely. Learn more here: Smart criminal justice: exploring the use of algorithms in the Swiss criminal justice system Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.

See the Top Reads of October 2023
Nov 7, 20236 Mins ReadTop reads

See the Top Reads of October 2023

Welcome to Zendy’s top read highlights — the top five research papers of the month. In the evolving landscape of academic scholarship, we bring you a selection of noteworthy contributions to research. From the depths of science and humanities to the forefront of technology and law, these papers exemplify academic excellence.  Law of the Sea and Democracy This journal article discusses how the laws that govern oceans are democratic however they are not directly related to democracy. The paper goes on to emphasize the complex framework of sea law recognizing that most democratic countries abide by it and how it has presented conflict in sea usage which escalates issues in international law. It also touches on how certain nations are divided on various sea matters such as coastal countries versus those that rely on open sea or developing versus developed countries. Read more here: Law of the Sea and Democracy Graphic Design and Button Placement This journal article is an analysis of user preferences regarding button placements on map applications, the study focuses on 6 map applications and analysed them based on the graphic diversity of buttons. The research concluded that to achieve effective map application design, the process needs to start considering the smallest possible device the application would be used on. Read more here: Graphic Design and Button Placement for Mobile Map Applications Flipped Micro-modules for Teaching Sustainable Engineering Practices This journal article explores a teaching method known as “flipped micro-module pedagogy” wherein students utlise AR and VR technology to engage in immersive learning, use social media platforms to disseminate course materials, and the method encourages project-basec learning where students apply their learnings to real-world issues. The goal of the study is to assess whether engineering students find this approach effective compared to their existing curriculum. Read more here: Flipped Micro-Modules for Teaching Sustainable Engineering Practices Evaluation of Carbon Farming Strategies This journal article places emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in organic vegetable growth. It proposes carbon farming as an alternative because the method improves soil health, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and supports biodiversity, however, the how effective carbon farming is, is unclear. The study also highlights the importance of measuring and estimating changes in soil carbon stock and potential environmental and economic impact on farmers. The findings suggest that carbon farming can be beneficial in various aspects however further research is required to optimise implementation. Read more here: The Evaluation of Carbon Farming Strategies in Organic Vegetable Cultivation The Science of Judicial Psychology This paper claims that crime in Romania has seen an increase due to severe economic and social challenges and the crisis of authority within institutions, emphasising that in this context crime is driven by needs, tendencies, motives and goals. The article goes on to dissect the complexity of criminal behaviour while highlighting all relevant motivators and factors that lead to a crime being committed. Read more here: The Science of Judicial Psychology Discover millions of e-books, journal articles, proceedings and more on Zendy now.