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open-access-imgOpen AccessProduction of antibodies of predetermined specificity against herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase and their use in characterization of the enzyme
Mike Thomas,
L.M. Banks,
Dorothy J. M. Purifoy,
Kenneth L. Powell
Publication year1988
Publication title
journal of virology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAmerican Society for Microbiology
Peptides from preselected regions of the herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase were used to generate monospecific antisera to defined regions of the enzyme. The antisera were used to localize the polymerase within the infected cell and to determine the time of synthesis during productive infection. Comparison with a neutralizing polyclonal antiserum was used to show the specificity of the peptide antisera. By using the antisera the stabilities of the DNA polymerase, the alkaline nuclease, and the major DNA-binding protein were determined, and the state of phosphorylation of the DNA polymerase was compared with each of these proteins.
Subject(s)antibody , antiserum , biochemistry , biology , dna , dna clamp , dna polymerase , dna polymerase i , dna polymerase ii , enzyme , gene , genetics , hepatitis b virus , hepatitis b virus dna polymerase , herpes simplex virus , microbiology and biotechnology , nuclease , polyclonal antibodies , polymerase , polymerase chain reaction , reverse transcriptase , virology , virus
SCImago Journal Rank2.617

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