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open-access-imgOpen AccessImpact of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Health Care
V. Ragavi,
A. C. Santha Sheela,
Geetha Narayanan Kannaiyan
Publication year2021
Publication title
journal of physics
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Artificial intelligence (AI) has potentially transformed health care to a very great extent. AI algorithms coupled with machine learning and deep learning algorithm together with high speed processors makes AI powerful. Research has shown that digitization will help health care professionals in making decisions and discoveries much faster than before. This paper discusses about the about how AI algorithm works? It also explore the impacts of artificial intelligence in the field of health care such as virtual medical assistant, automated image diagnosis, personal health companions, oncology, cardiology, radiology, AI powered chatbots.
Subject(s)applications of artificial intelligence , artificial intelligence , computer science , computer vision , data science , deep learning , digitization , field (mathematics) , health care , law , mathematics , political science , pure mathematics
SCImago Journal Rank0.21

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