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open-access-imgOpen AccessHadamard Logarithmic Series and Inequalities on The parameters of a Strongly Regular Graph
Luís Alfredo Gómez Vieira
Publication year2019
Publication title
journal of physics
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Let G be a primitive strongly regular graph of order n and A its adjacency matrix. In this paper, we first associate an Euclidean Jordan algebra V to G considering the real Euclidean Jordan algebra spanned by the identity of order n and the natural powers of A. Next, by the analysis of the spectra of an Hadamard logarithmic series of V we establish new admissibility conditions on the parameters of the strongly regular graph G.
Subject(s)adjacency matrix , algebra over a field , biology , combinatorics , discrete mathematics , distance regular graph , euclidean geometry , geometry , graph , graph power , hadamard transform , line graph , logarithm , mathematical analysis , mathematics , paleontology , pure mathematics , regular graph , series (stratigraphy) , strongly regular graph , voltage graph
SCImago Journal Rank0.21

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