Zendy Beta Programme

Invitation to join the Zendy ß-Programme

Do you want to influence Zendy’s development?

Zendy aims to support academics in all fields, but we focus the beta programme currently on the specific needs within business, covering topics like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Financial controlling, Innovation, Operations, HR, etc.

We are therefore inviting faculty members and students that work on these topics, along with managers at companies, to participate in the development of Zendy in the current phase. We will listen to your input to ensure that Zendy becomes an outstanding tool to support your own work.

Please view the invitation to join the Beta Programme and an introduction to Zendy in this document: Zendy-Beta-Programme-Intro V1 MJ.pdf

To apply for joining the programme, please contact Martin Jagerhorn: m.jagerhorn@knowledgee.com