open-access-imgOpen AccessGear tooth action in a plane synthesis based on the criterion of constant curvature
G.A. Timofeev,
A. A. Barkova
Publication year2021
Publication title
iop conference series: materials science and engineering
Resource typeJournals
The relevance of the problem of the gear tooth action in a plane synthesis based on the criterion of tooth profile wheel group curvature is justified. Based on a mathematical model of gear tooth action in a plane with a constant angular speed ratio, an algorithm for solving the problem with a given constant curvature is given. The obtained solutions allow us to perform an analysis of the general type of lantern gear in a plane.
Subject(s)action (physics) , computer science , constant (computer programming) , constant curvature , curvature , engineering , gear tooth , geometry , mathematical analysis , mathematics , mechanical engineering , physics , plane (geometry) , programming language , quantum mechanics

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