Premium Speech Dysfluency Exacerbated by Levodopa in Parkinson's Disease
Louis Elan D.,
Winfield Linda,
Fahn Stanley,
Ford Blair
Publication year2001
Publication title
movement disorders
Resource typeJournals
Abstract The role of dopamine in the modulation of speech fluency is complex. In this report we describe two patients with Parkinson's disease whose speech dysfluency was exacerbated by the administration of levodopa. In doing so, we extend the observation that dopaminergic mechanisms may be involved in the regulation of speech fluency. It is important for clinicians to recognize that, in some instances, dopaminergic replacement therapy may exacerbate an underlying dysfluency syndrome in PD.
Subject(s)audiology , disease , dopamine , dopaminergic , fluency , levodopa , mathematics education , medicine , neuroscience , parkinson's disease , psychology , stuttering
SCImago Journal Rank3.352

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