Sharing articles on social media

With today's upgrade of Zendy, you can now share articles in a smooth way over social media. The only prerequisite is that the article has a natural ID, like a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), ISBN or similar.

Carry out a search, and click any item (that has a natural ID) in the result list to see the new Share option. You can now easily share a direct and permanent link to the item over social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

On the social media platform where you have shared the item, the users will see the title of the article along with some other details. When a user clicks the link, they don't have to be a member on Zendy, but will still be able to see some details of the article without logging in.

Sharing articles on Social Media is now possible through Zendy

Figure: Click 'Share' and then on the desired social media option in the menu to the right, to share your article.