New feature: Access Featured Content on Zendy's new home page

Today, another Zendy release was made. When you log in now, you’ll be met by a new Home page. This includes the search box, but also your latest saved searches along with Featured Content. The Featured Content enables us to highlight any type of content that you can find on Zendy.

Currently you’ll find a set of databases, including DOAJ, NASA Technical Reports and USPTO Patent Grants, along with individual journal titles such as Nature and Harvard Business Review, a publisher (PLoS) and a search returning the latest articles on Open Access research.

Going forward, we intend to use the Featured Content to leverage current topics, and the reason for the current selection is that we today enter the International Open Access week (#OAweek) and will post in social media about Zendy to highlight different aspects of Open Access. Hope you'll join us in celebrating OA week!

Please let us know if you'd like us to feature any specific content or topic on Zendy. Send a short message to right now!