What is Zendy?

Zendy is an online platform created to provide individuals with easy and affordable access to scholarly research and literature. Zendy originates from the notion of building a more knowledgeable world, as there has never been a time where access to high-quality content has been more needed.

Current scholarly databases exist behind crippling paywalls or require university facilitated access, which places individuals who are not affiliated with institutions at a disadvantage. Access to scientific publications is particularly troublesome in developing countries, where many universities cannot afford the subscription databases required for advancing research and studies.

Zendy is working to remove barriers from scholarly discovery to make academic literature affordable and accessible to everyone; academic and non-academic professionals, students, and knowledge enthusiasts.

We strive to build a world where:

  • Scholarly discovery lives barrier-free.
  • Every individual across the world has access to academic research and literature.
  • Individuals across the world can take evidence-based steps towards building a better tomorrow.

At the moment, Zendy Plus is only available in Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and UAE. However, users from other countries around the globe will be able to access Zendy Open, which offers countless, credible Open Access resources. In the future, the Zendy team hopes to make both plans available worldwide.

Zendy is developed by Knowledge E in a growing collaboration with researchers, students, institutions, and publishers to facilitate the democratisation of knowledge. Discoverable, reliable, and trustworthy sources are crucial to learning and ultimately, a better quality of life. 

Join us on the journey of scholarly discovery!